Friday, April 13, 2007

They Come in Threes!

Well, that's what they say anyway....and I don't really have anything that is happening in threes....except that I have 3 days of work left before I am officially unemployed and I have 3 Italian classes left before I have to start using it for real. Oh yeah, and for the first time in my life I am probably eating 3 meals a day. I never knew so many people loved me (or are happy to see me go!) but I have literally been eating my way through the city with friends over the last month! Right now as I type this, I just got back from a dinner and am doing my 'Al Bundy' impersonation....I am going to need elastic waistbands soon! But, I am truly honored that so many people want to spend time with me to hear about this great adventure. So, the few extra pounds are worth it and can easily be walked off in Venice. And I imagine, lugging around my 30 pounds of shoes for a day can contribute to some weight loss! (and you thought I couldn't fit the shoe story in this thread, huh?!)

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