Saturday, May 26, 2007

Aqua Alta!

What a great day...I had a visitor from Phoenix for 7 hours...we had a ball....sorry she couldnt stay longer. However, toward the end of the day it started to storm. And the tide rose incredibly. As I was walking her back to the train station we were marveling at how high the water was compared to just two hours before. Then I realized that this is the true Aqua Alta I have read about so many times in Venice. The flooding of Venice that happens over 100 times a year.

So, after dropping her off at the train station, I hoofed it the 30 minute walk back to San Marco Square. It was still raining a bit and rather windy. But I was met with an incredible sight...San Marco was completely flooded! I took my shoes off as I approached and started walking through the square as I have done countless times over the years. The water was about halfway up my calf!!!!!!!!!!!

A note to the wise: marble is very slippery when wet! Had I known this before this evening, I probably would not have biffed it in the middle of San Marco! Yep, I fell down in all my glory. Went down fast and hard and prone in about 4 inches of water. I sat up and just laughed. People pointed and laughed at me or with me, but it doesn't matter. I havent had that much fun since I was a kid.

But I got up and walked ever so gingerly through the rest of San Marco out to the waterfront...what a site....didnt have my camera so will catch the action for you next time. However, with the rain and wind and me being sopping wet from head to toe, it was getting a bit chilly andI came back home with a huge smile on my face the whole way.....really, what a great, fun experience!

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