Friday, May 18, 2007

The Park

Venice has been around since 452AD....that in itself is inspiring. So when you hear an American tourist say 'its old' with disgust in their voice, you want to turn around and say 'no s**t sherlock'!!!! But that pretty much describes most American tourists...absolutely no concept of history and no global mindedness in the least. Now, that is not to say that I am the expert here but I have a sense of what this place is about. And that is what the tourist misses. If you are one of the some 13+ million tourists who embark on the island each year for the obligatory 2-3 day spin of the major hot spots, you miss the point. Oh sure, you can see alot on an island that is only 2 1/2 miles long in 2-3 days, but you dont really SEE it.

Take for example, my walk today. I chose a new direction and within 5 minutes I managed to be right back where I started from!! But, not easily dissuaded, I tried again and before I knew it, I had left the hubbub of the touristy area and encountered a real park...right there in Venice--on the island. It was actually more than a park. With black iron gated walls and trees that were at least 100 years or older, me and the other 12 people in this secluded area enjoyed the quietness and the fragrant smell of roses and flowers and grass and trees. Although I have never been, it reminded me of Central Park. And, it offered something else that is hard to come by in Venice--park benches: a place to actually sit for as long as you want and not be charged...that is a true find and one that most tourists sadly will miss.

And now a word from your sponsor (pubblicitta).....

You probably didnt see this on the NBC nightly news and I imagine it only made page 14 of the local newspapers, but apparently the European Union passed a fashion referendum. They were concerned that there werent enough primary colors being worn on the feet. Not to be taken lightly, they polled all other nations and communities:

The Americans spend 9/10 of their life in white tennis shoes or cheap flip flops because they want to be comfortable, so they didnt see the urgency of the problem.
The Indian community wears plenty of primary colors as clothing and shoes are often optional or only sandal like, so they passed joining.
The Asian community is still trying to figure out who they want to be, so they couldnt be bothered with it.
The Post Communist countries didnt realize there was an option and they responded in silence.
The African communities dont care much about shoes but asked to be included when a ban on flies is established.

So, that left the European Union. And they took their challenge seriously. Red shoes, blue shoes, yellow shoes, green shoes, gold shoes, silver shoes, you name it, they made it. And they wear it proudly! The Italian men, however, not to be left out, wanted something of their own and since Mamma runs the household, they decided to take the primary color referendum one step further and wear pants in all the same, yellow, blue, green, pink (yes, pink).

And now there is harmony once again in the world of primary colors.

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Anonymous said...

thank goodness! i've spent many long nights awake in bed worrying about the primary colors crisis, and what a relief to hear it's been solved! and now every time i put on my NOT WHITE converse, i will be proudly announcing to america that i know the importance of colored shoes!
-megan =)