Friday, May 11, 2007

Found it again

miracles of all miracles, we found the same cheap internet cafe....time to pay some bills and check what is going on in the world...i have no idea what is happening anywhere...i heard two people talking about paris hilton going to jail...i guess thats big news....i am just living in my own little surreal island like world!

had some more visitors show up last night...had to meet them at the airport....always a new adventure..tried to take the bus through the city this time....sounds easy..its not! I left the house at 430pm and got back with the girls at 9pm....see, everything moves slowly around here!

The weather is great...a bit humid for those of us from Arizona, but nothing to complain about.

I had my first home cooked meal yesterday...managed to make my way around the grocery store and buy some fresh made gnocci pasta and some fresh gorgonzola cheese....a meal fit for a queen. Mr. Peabody on the other hand is completely disgusted with Italian cat food...I have been going to the store every day buying a different kind hoping to find one he likes....I imagine if I run out of options, he will just eat when he gets hungry enough.

The girls leave tomorrow at noon and my brother shows up around 2pm for the weekend...then all leave on Monday and I am alone in Venice for the first time....until the 25th. Looking forward to figuring out my definitely includes sleeping late and a daily cup of cappucino!

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deb said...

Hi- I was wondering about the cat food! I am sure by the time I get there you will be a pro at getting around!