Friday, May 4, 2007

Observations on a Theme

So much rain...more in one day than in 2 years in Phoenix. But a nice change of pace. The flight was uneventful until the end when the cat got sick and the suitcase disappeared (and then magically appeared). Don't bring 5 suitcases to Italy unless you are prepared to receive many dirty looks from people...completely appalled with me! Snuck the cat in...good thing he was meowing going on. All moved in...getting used to water pressure, siesta closings, grocery shopping, and, of course, the language. Which by the way...all knowledge of the Italian language will immediatly leave you when you are talking to an official. Trying to get my internet service requested...who knows how that works or how long it takes...until then, every couple of days at the internet cafe probably. Visitors coming today, next Thursday, next Saturday and then about every 2 weeks after that for the next 4 months....hope it stops raining!

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