Monday, May 7, 2007


So much to tell you..but first, let me apologize for telling you to read the blog and then not writing in it....being at an internet cafe is not only expensive but demanding...these computers are from the 19th century and the keyboards are in Italian so many of the characters are in different places.

Just when I thought the pilot had dropped me off in Seattle, the rain stopped...its beautiful now. Have made some progress with last thing to do (the big one...permisso di sogiorno).

My friends drove me to IKEA and I did a whirlwind shopping trip, then we crashed an Italian wedding and then lugged all my purchases home via boat and walking.

The cat is fine...back to his grumpy self. My Italian is less than desirable but I am trying. I have applied for my internet access and they are telling me about 25-30 days someone will call me (in Italian) to tell me they are coming over to check out the wiring for it....after that, who knows how long it will, my blog will be sparse and erratic for a while...hang in there with me, however.....I will catch you up on everything when I can

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Heather said...

Well my dear I am finally caught up on your blog - tried to Skype you the past couple days - not sure if you can do that at a ICafe or not! I have been praying for you - will try to call you on your cell if I can find the number (did you send it? ):-)