Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My first Italian pedicure

One of the important things in life (at least to me) is a regular pedicure. I got a referral to a place but they are booked up until June (which I guess means they are pretty good)....so I stumbled across another place close to my apartment and decided to give it a try. Its a one stop service type of place, hair, nails, waxing, etc. Umberto is the owner and there is a pic of him outside with Gary Busey...so I figured if Gary Busey could go there, why not me....what was I thinking?! Ok, it wasnt that bad..actually she did a really good job. But its nothing like in the States. First, I sat in a regular chair and put my feet in one of those small foot massaging tubs that we all buy each other for Christmas once in our life. When she came back after a few minutes, I put one foot up into this stirrup kind of thing (which only brings back memories of the OB/GYN and we wont go there). It was the first time a pedicure actually took a whole hour. And, it was the first time a pedicure ever hurt! She dug so deep into the recesses of my toe cuticles that I think she found China. Even my flinching didnt stop her--diligent little Italian girl. The insides of my toes have never been this clean! I only bled once when she got a little sloppy cutting. Thats happened to me before so I cant fault her but it certainly didnt add to the experience much. After a very short stint with some lotion on my feet, she painted two coats of a lovely shade of orange and sent me on my way....no sitting around waiting to dry, etc. Just get up and go! They look good and should tide me over until I get an appointment at the other place!

By the way....here is something you dont ever expect to see in Venice. As I was walking around the other day, I saw one of those people who grow hair all over their body....you know, the ones you see documentaries about and how they always end up in the circus, etc. Well, there was this boy sitting on the bridge begging and he was about 60% covered in hair...quite a site up close..I truly felt bad for him.

Oh yeah, and for those of you betting, I have purchased my first pair of shoes! I hope you won alot on the bet. I did not spend alot but it was certainly more than I would ever spend in the US..I think it came to about $40.....there are a few places around here with 'cheap' items and I stumbled across one last week...saw the shoes and kept thinking about them for 3 days so I figured that meant I should have them. Cute little closed toe, sparkly, denim, pump number.....but I can't wear them now because I just got a pedicure!

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