Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time and Weather

Time moves at a strange pace seems to move slowly because of the hords of people in your way all the time yet before you know it, 3 hours have passed and you have walked miles and miles again....I was a bit concerned about how to spend the time but it doesnt really seem to be a problem as of yet. I am still trying to figure out a daily schedule...its a bit strange not having to report in to a job or have someone tell you to be somewhere at a certain time/place. I am peaceful about it and figure it will all come together as needed...however, it is a bit strange to not talk to anyone for a whole day...Mr. P is not exactly the best conversationalist.

I try to spend at least an hour a day listening to Italian TV....sometimes easier than others...depending on the program, some talk faster than others. I am also amused by a few things. For exampe, whenever there is a commercial on, they write 'pubblicita' in the corner to tell you that this is an that really necessary? And the weatherman is also some military officer dressed in full uniform...apparently this is supposed to give some credibility to the weather forecast although I have yet to see anyone tell me a temperature...they usually talk about how rough the sea is going to be and put a picture of a cloud or sun over the general area...pretty much the same guessing game as in the States.

Grocery shopping has been an experience...I am actually building arm muscles from carrying things around all the time. The grocery store takes have to be conscious of what you are putting in your basket because you have to carry it home--now I know why everything is so small in this city!! And I never realized how much I shopped by just knowing the box a new place with new box covers, this task is much more difficult. I am also curious as to why and how the milk, eggs and OJ are never refidgerated...boggles the mind how that works...the milk and OJ I have tried and all seems well (although I do put it in the fridge after opening) but I havent yet dared to try eggs.

Rather chilly today and windy so my plans to go to the beach are scrapped but I am sure there will be other opportunities soon. Signing off for another hoping the internet angels come soon to my apartment...


Anonymous said...

The Bidet cracks me up, lol. Originally a French invention I didn't realize it was so prevalent in Italy. It sounds like you didn't bring a backpack for your groceries or maybe it's just not fashionable. Hopefully part of your routine will be to find a "cheers" place where everyone gets to know your name, and you get to learn Italian faster. Karl

Girl in Giro said...

Ciao, just found your blog! I am American and have been living in Venice for 4 years. I just wanted to let you know, as I make my way through you blog, that fresh milk is refrigerated, it in only the "long conservation" milk that is not. Same with the OJ. you might have figure that out by now, it being more than a year after you posted this! OK, now im gonna keep on reading!