Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cheap Internet Cafe

Wow..found an internet cafe where it only cost 5 euros for 1 hour....actually got caught up a bit on the emails and now have 15 minutes left to write the blog...

First the good news..I turned in my permisso di sogiorno (permission to stay) and it only took 4 times....thats quite a feat for Italian now, I wait for the official paperwork but I dont care because I have the receipt and thats all that matters.

I can read many things in Italian and catch about every 3 word..forming a sentence is next to impossible...its also hard because the Italians have this knack for making everything seem like its your fault...its all in the tone....amazing what they do....keeps a person humble and off step and before you know it, you have forgotten what you wanted to say!

Have learned a few things here....when you buy a train ticket, dont tell them what train you want, tell them what stop you want..otherwise you pay for the entire train trip! Costly mistake! Also, if you want coffee (which I have really grown to like cappuccino here), you will pay more for it if you want the luxury of sitting down to drink.....if you stand at the counter its about 1 euro 50 but it you want to sit down it about 3 euros.....places to sit are a high commodity here.....

Did my first load of laundry....was only able to fit 4 shirts and a pair of pants in there before it was full....then the cycle takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to wash....can you believe that!!! Then I got to hang it outside my window (the line was already installed)...dropped a few clothespins 3 stories down and had to walk down to get it and then walk back to my apartment to continue hanging to see my undies out for the whole world to view!

Found a larger grocery store....however, you have to pay 1 euro to get a shopping cart....interesting premise.....not sure if you get your euro back once you turn in your cart.....we were lucky enough to score one as a person was leaving....still looking for some basic things here like a broom and mop, but have found most everything else.....

Yesterday I walked 6.7 miles (mostly lost) which is pretty amazing since the island is only 2.5 miles long....I am going to be so skinny when I come home!

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