Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dumb American?

Today is my third day in a row getting up to an alarm...ugh! Dress rehearsals are going well and I am excited to see it all put together on Thursday for the first show. Last night, the director/writer invited me to dinner after the rehearsals---and no, this isnt a casting couch blog!

SHE and her husband are expats who have lived in Venice for about 8 years. After the climb of 82 stairs (can you imagine doing that every day?) to their top floor apartment, I got the grand tour. What a beautiful, old apartment...so much character, art and depth in there...it was like stepping back into the 18th century. They have a terrace with the most breathtaking view of the city.

Also invited was the pianist for the show. We settled down to some prosecco and conversation before dinner. The writer is English, the pianist is English and the husband is American but he has lived in Europe for so long, he might as well be English! haha And then there's me. Our conversations were all over the board....solving all the worlds problems, etc. But a strange thing happened to me--not often at a loss for words, I soon realized I wasnt quite as versed in these topics as they were.

Now, by no means were they lording over me but I did feel less intelligent than they. It was a delightful evening but I just dont know as much about 18th century art and classical music and world affairs as perhaps I should. On my walk home, I was feeling a bit dumb...that stereotypical American who doesnt know their geography and uses way too much slang!

However, this morning, I realized that I have learned something. I learned a bit more about the world last night and I learned there is so much more to learn. And with that thought, I can greet the day with my head held high as an American!


Gil said...

When I'm in a situation I start talking about something I know a little about. Try talking about Indians, tumbleweed, jack rabbits, etc.

What is amazing is seeing 80 year olds climbing stairs like that every day and smoking cigarette.

Susan said...

good idea gil....i bet they know nothing about the 'haboob' wind storm that happens only in phoenix and the middle east! I can wow them with that..thanx for the insight...by the way, i think i pulled a hamstring going up those 82 stairs! haha