Monday, January 7, 2008

It's Showtime!

Well, almost. Today was the first day of rehearsals for the Pantomime later this week. It was tons of fun except for the part of how I was there at 9am, left at 5pm and had an hour for lunch. That brings back bad memories of something I used to do called work! I am certainly not interested in that again anytime soon! :-)

At any rate, I am scene changer (mostly because I am tall enough to reach up and flip the scenes over the boards). We started setting up right away and at 11am, the kids who are playing the rat parts came in for practice! After lunch, the rest of the crew did their first run through of lines. Its really rather funny in parts and just a good, lighthearted event.

Thursday there are 2 shows and one on Friday. Then we have a cast party afterwards. Its just like show business. Admission is free but they are taking donations to support a local childrens charity in the area. All in all, I am really glad I am a part of it.

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Gil said...

Does the 'Star' mean that you are the Star of the Show? Glad to see you having so much fun.