Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

We have arrived at the begining of a new year! Its frought with anticipation and optimism and.....silliness.

While I am not a superstitious person, there are a few things here in Venice that make me smile. First, it apparently was very necessary to wear red underwear out last night for good luck (although most mothers would just want them clean, right?!). Then there is the part about how they throw out the old (literally) in order to make room for the new. Some people are more symbolic and throw out the calendar or the newspaper but I read that in the past, some have thrown out appliances and other large items! And we shouldnt forget the important chain of events that must happen for a woman in order to have a year of good luck. Upon wakening, the first person she sees must be a man or all deals are off. Its 1145am and I am still waiting to hear a mans voice outside my window so I can look at him! I am pretty sure seeing a neutered male cat isnt the same. Finally, in about 1/2 hour the annual dip into the Adriatic Sea by the local polar bear club is about to commence on the Lido. I probably should have gotten myself ready to go see that event and take some pics but I was so torn with not seeing a woman, that I seem to be held hostage in my own apartment! Or perhaps its just that what you do on the first day of the year is supposed to indicate how you will spend the rest of your year.....relaxing and enjoying the day sounds so much more enticing than standing in 34 degree weather on the beach--at least for me!

Whatever you do for your traditions or superstitions, make it a great day! Happy New Year to you all!

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Gil said...

Have a happy and safe new year!