Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weather Report

As I am still lying here watching Fox News and the weather going on in the US, I cant really complain about winter here in Venice. Who would think that I would be having better weather than Atlanta?! However, I am getting a bit tired of the rain. This must be how the people in Portland feel! What I want is a good solid know, a monsoon rain...this constant spitting for days on end is annoying.

Of course, I havent really been outside to experience the rain, but from my window, this is the impression I get! The knee is significantly better in a week but by no means healed. I walk with a slight limp and very slowly. I think the extra humidity in the air has something to do with the healing process. I bet I have created a lifetime weather indicator in my knee now...what great stories I will be able to tell every year when it rains in Phoenix...well, ok, just, when it rains in Phoenix!

But I am still a stubborn German and I am heading to my motherland tomorrow as planned. I am actually thinking of getting a cane to help me walk (not to mention the special treatment I might get at the airport!). I told my brother we will have to make many beer rest stops this weekend and amazingly so, he was ok with it!

Back on Monday with some pics of me climbing the 300 steps to the top of the cathedral (NOT!).

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