Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Rainy Day in Ravenna

Ever have one of those days when things just dont go your way? Well, yesterday was my turn. I wont go into the details but suffice to say it all started with the 4am alarm to get up so we could make the 6am train to Ravenna. According to the weather, it was supposed to sprinkle in the morning and that was it. In reality, it remained incredibly foggy all day and rained steadily until after lunchtime. Getting lost in Ravenna in the rain with the pain in my knee (I really do think I have created a weather indicator) was not the highlight either!

However, things finally started to fall into place and we did get to see the famous mosaics in the city. For those of you who have seen St. Marks Basilica here in Venice, you know the mosaics are mostly all gold. In Ravenna, they are all other brilliant colors. The pictures really dont express the colors justly.

We had a nice lunch at a local restaurant (ironically called Bella Venezia!) and met some really nice Ravennan's. Its always a pleasure to escape the rudeness of Venice for a bit and be around people who smile and have manners. By the end of the day however, my knee won the war and it was time to rest. I am glad to have seen it and I am glad to be back!

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Gil said...

Funny thing we had nasty weather when we were there a few years ago. Ravenna is one of the places I'd like to visit again and then drive down the Adriatic coast.