Thursday, January 3, 2008

We're not done yet!

So, its the 3rd of January and I imagine that most of you have returned to work now and have already looked when the next holiday is! (For those of you not in government or school, sit tight, I think its May). The stores have had their clearance sales and I imagine Target already has Valentines stuff out as soon as you walk in the door.

But, here in Venice, its not over. We still have Befana on January 6. Befana is a witch who brings candy or coal to kids stockings during the middle of the night. Of course, there is that resemblance to St. Nicks Day in America on Dec 6, right? But after reading about the legend, its kinda creepy!

All the witches and stockings are out in the stores for purchase and although she has a smile and my floor may need sweeping, I think I might pass on this one. Lord knows I dont need any more candy in my life right now (or coal for those of you thinking that way!).

After Befana, Venice will have its clearance sales and the decorations will all finally come down. That gives them a solid 2 weeks to get ready for Carnival on January 25!

p.s. it snowed here today! well, about 100 snowflakes but they were definitely real!


Miss Expatria said...

You know, I always heard people SAY La Befana, but I never saw it WRITTEN so I always thought they were using a strong accent while saying l'Epifania! I learn a new thing every day, I guess!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

La Befana visited my friends home in NY! Come take a look on my blog :)

Gil said...

I hope that La Befana was very good to you this year. It is too bad we don't celebrate this in the US on the public level. On the other hand, the Hispanics in many cities do celebrate Three Kings which is just a different way to celebrate the came holiday I guess.