Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Show Must Go On!

So, last night as I was walking home from my dinner with the English and contemplating how dumb I was, the pantomime was falling apart. Our lead (Dick Whittington--who is traditionally played by a woman) called to say she was in the hospital. You see, she is about 6 months pregnant and started bleeding last night. I understand that all will be OK, but obviously, she cant do the show!

So, in steps a true team player and a professional. She is a singer and has done commercials (a recent Honda one) and concerts all over the world. Talk about luck! With script in hand, she gave it her all.

By the afternoon dress rehearsal (all costumes on), she had memorized quite a bit. Since a pantomime is supposed to be amateur, slap stick comedy, I think it adds to it for her to have her script in hand on stage, but she might just memorize it all tonight before the first performance tomorrow morning!

I have included a few pics of the dress rehearsal.....

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