Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paparazzi and Carnivale

So today we donned our masks and capes and went walking amongst the hords of people in St. Marks. And I do mean HORDS OF PEOPLE! Take the height of summer season and add a couple thousand more for good measure! The great thing about wearing a costume is that people tend to move out of your way because they want to get your picture. Now, I was by no means anywhere near the best dressed out there but I think the height of my mask added a certain something something that you dont see everywhere.

I do know now that I am quite certain I dont want to be a famous person. Its really an odd feeling when people want you to stop to take your picture. I was glad that my entire face was covered because I wasnt sure what to do. There was one point where we stopped for a few Japonese and ending up standing there for a good 3-4 minutes. People just kept coming from everywhere--some to take pics, some to have their pics taken with me. There was even a professional camera (there are several documentaries and movies being filmed right now) on me at one point. And there was this one man who was getting so many pics of me from all angles--it was disconcerting and strangely fun all at the same time!

And then there are those people who dont understand what to wear for Carnivale and are dressed like its Halloween in America...I have included some pics for you so you can see the right way and the wrong way! And I have also included a pic so you can see the vast sea of people who are milling about during these days. They have descending on the city and will be here for another week. For my part, I will go out again in costume...its much easier to get around than when you are just a tourist!

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Ryan said...

Hey, as of now I think I will be coming next Sunday with Andrea and a few Americans that work for their wine company in NYC. They supposedly have thisr hugely organized tour and everything but I would love to meet up with you at some point during the day...glad to hear you are having fun so far.