Thursday, May 15, 2008

So much for gut instinct!

Well, oddities of all oddities happened today when the airline called back and said they wanted a second interview and for me to meet the director of the division! They said they really liked me and my answers and wanted to pursue this possibility further. I looked around the room for some hidden cameras because I was sure this wasnt happening in reality! So, apparently, not only am I suffering from cultural shock, I have also lost all skills at reading people and understanding situations! :-)

I agreed to see them again despite the fact that I was sure they werent impressed with me. Everybody deserves a second chance, right? And afterall, they fly direct from Philly to Venice so they might come in handy some day for a freebie!

On another note, I am having my second American massage tonight. I sure did miss Gianna this last year (as well as a sheet over my body and the lack of paper thong action). She informed me that my neck is a mess and something is up above my right eye. Well, that would be the place where I hit myself with the infamous glass door last June or July back in Venice. Just thinking about that incident makes me embarassed and brings about pain. So, hopefully, she can fix the neck and the head and I might stop getting all those headaches. Of course, the headaches could be coming from the interviews at this point!

2 comments: said...

good luck... the perks are good I assume.

Raffy Jay said...

Philly? sounds familiar.