Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bike Ride

This past Sunday we participated in daylight savings time here in Europe and it seems that not only did the clocks change but the mood changed as well. The sun sets at about 730pm now and still light outside close to 8pm. The people are out and about, the tables have been set up outside again for evening cocktails and the stores are staying open a little longer. The weather has been 'great'....great for the mid to upper 60's for the last few days with bright sun. I think Spring has sprung!

And in keeping with the mood change, I went to Lido yesterday to take a bike ride to some parts I havent seen yet. Lido is like 8-10 miles long and about 1/2 mile wide. I rode from center to the far end and made a 3 hour trip of it. Well, I (we) did stop a few times, so we probably rode for 2 hours total. Let it be known that my butt feels like I rode for 20 hours!

Lido is the one island that allows cars on it but there are so many places for bike riding that are free from car action. We rode along the waterfront by the ancient breakwater system. We stopped at an agriturismo to get some fresh veggies. We swung by a city park that had farm animals (which is where we saw a goat much in need of milking--looked painful!). And we made it all the way to the end where the old military barracks were. Its very peaceful and sleepy like down there at the standing around fixing their fish nets and people sitting in a local square just chatting.

We made it back in time to catch a great sunset....there are some magnificient ones here. And then after I got home and slung my backpack on the table, I noticed something sticking to it. Getting a closer look, I found out I had been the brunt of Pesce d'Aprile and someone had taped a paper fish to my I guess, afterall, the joke was on me!


Gil said...

Beautiful pictures! Really like the shots of the three animals, especially the one using the keyboard.

Ryan said...

Hey! I would love to take a bike trip around Lido if you are up for it again before you leave. I have never been to Lido and would love to see it that way but couldn't do it by myself for the simple reason I would get lost, it would be boring, etc. Anyway, let me know. I will hopefully see you tomorrow (not sure yet if I have to work)

mental mosaic said...

I hadn't heard about the Pesce d'Aprile! That's really interesting. I was good and didn't prank anyone this year... or does that make me bad?

Love the photos! Even though we've been having a lot of electrical storms down here, I've been hearing a lot of Italian songbirds lately. I think Spring has sprung in Napoli, too. :)