Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Nothing like having a nervous breakdown on your very own blog, eh?! Every now and then, I think I just have to talk like a sailor for a bit to get all the toxins out and make sure I dont end up with an ulcer some day! But after a day of taking care of the cat and listening to the tranquil nature of the rain beating on the sidewalk, I have somewhat recovered from my outburst!

I have had several mantras this year:

1. This is not a surprise to God
2. No drama
3. Sure, I got nothin' to do

Taking those into account (although at this stage in the game, I actually do have some things to do!), I am having a do-over today (or mulligan for you golfing fans). Its still raining, the cat is still sick and I still dont have a place to send my modem, but I am bound and determined to make this day different and better.

Off I go......

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