Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 3--Capri

On my last day, I had planned on being very adventurous and climbing the 900 stairs (so the guidebook says) from the harbour area to AnaCapri (the top of the mountain area).

AnaCapri is where many of the locals live. I finally saw a few grocery stores and the like as this had crossed my mind before. I thought lugging groceries in Venice was tough but having to carry them uphill is worse than over bridges I think.

Well, anyway, my legs were a bit tired from the previous two days so I opted for plan B which was to take the city bus up. The buses are very tiny...they hold about 15 or so people rather comfortably but they seem to cram in at least 20 or more when it calls for it. For 1.40euro I thought it was a bargain. 'Thought' being the operative word here.

By the time we get about halfway up the mountain, we are into some serious hairpin turns (see pic with tiny little colored specs indicating cars and buses) where the width of the road is only enough for one vehicle and the drop off is deep and not fenced. I remember a similar event in Sorrento--I didnt like that time either! I immediatly got a hot flash and a queasy stomach and got off at the first stop the bus made, walking the rest of the way to the center of AnaCapri!

It was a very quaint little town with a fabulous church (famous for its floor and rightly so) and tons of cheaper ceramic items than a mile or so down the mountain in Capri and the harbour. Even the city benches were made of ceramic tiles and painted with lovely designs. I was also still amazed at how nice everyone was---genuinely enjoying a conversation and showing such manners. I had intentions of riding the chairlift to the very top of the mountain but after looking at it, decided I had done enough damage to my stomach for one day!

I took a bus down to Capri during which I stared at the floor of the bus the entire time so as to not think of the hairpin turns. Then I took my last funicular ride down to the harbour area to have lunch and finish my shopping.

I soooo enjoyed this island and look forward to going back. I will just be sure to bring a bunch of dramamine the next time! :-)


Gil said...

Absolutely beautiful! How long do you think those beautiful mosaics would last in an American city?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great commentary, giving us a tour of Capri! --Annette