Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Cat with 27 Lives

Mr. Peabody never ceases to amaze me. He did really well under the circumstances for having to go to two different vets on two different days. He is basically in great health according to the first one for his age (17) but a little low on fluids. After an IV and a basic exam, I took him home to rest for a day until we did it all over again by going to the State Vet.

The first vet was nice enough to even write me a certificate of his health to present to the State. And after a few formalities of checking that his microchip was working and that I didnt just pick this cat up off the street, I have the paperwork for Mr. P to fly home!

Now, he can rest for a week or so until I have to shove him back in the cage for the long flight back to Phoenix.....he's such a good boy and I bet he will be super excited when his life of travelling is done!

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Gil said...

It is hard to believe that in just one week no more posts from Venice. On the other hand my wife finally figured out when we are going to Naples and I bought the tickets last night.