Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 2--Capri (afternoon)

After lunch I vowed to find that missing hike from my guide book that I missed the day before. I started back the same way and then had the sense to ask someone what to do next. There are pretty good signs along the way, but somehow or other I think I took the extra scenic route the day before and missed the first sign.

This was another 60-70 degree incline hike along paved roads (roads being the size of sidewalks) but just like the day before, the vegetation and singing birds made it all worth while. I finally made it to the top and wandered around the ruins of good ol' Tiberius. He was one of the ancient rulers of Rome and a bit off center (of course, most leaders are, right?!). He spent the last ten years of his reign and life in Capri basically being exiled from Rome for some 'stuff'. As legend and history has it, he apparently was a pedophile among other things. Not that that was necessarily frowned upon in those days, but I guess he figured he could have more freedom away from the big city. He had this huge compound built for him back around 27AD or so I believe...needless to say, its amazing anything is still there and we can actually see it firsthand.

We all know that the Romans were par excellence at building and creating things, so I wasnt quite so amazed that they managed to have this made at the top of this mountain. But what did impress me is how Mr. Tiberius got up there as well as all his visitors. I am sure they didnt have access to the paved roads. It took me at least an hour by them to reach it so I can only imagine what they had to do. All the more reason to stay there once you arrive, I guess. Legend/history also has it that when Mr. T was 'done' with you, he simply had you pushed off the ledge to your death (which by the way, my boat driver Franco called the typical Italian divorce! haha).
The walk down was just as pleasant but somehow or other I managed a wrong turn again and wandered around in places I hadnt seen before until finally meeting up with the main 'road'. Its amazing how I can get lost in a paper bag! But in this case, it makes all that much more fun.

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