Monday, April 21, 2008

FastWeb Revisited

So, this morning, I walked over to the store that is supposedly going to accept my modem this week after the internet is shut off. If you remember the story last month (yes, I have been working on this little 'project' for a month), they told me I couldnt mail it back to them in Milan but had to drop it off at some store. And they gave me the names of three places, two of which informed me that they are no longer authorized to accept the modems (way to keep your records updated FastWeb). This last place was still accepting the modems as of late March when we called and all I had to do was go a few days in advance to fill out some paperwork to open a ticket.

Not surprising to either you or me, but our final store is suddenly no longer authorized to accept modems!!!!!! If you could see how large the blood vessel on the side of my head is right now, you might have a small indication at how @#$%^&* pissed off I am. I have reached my limit--its neither funny nor acceptable. I am in the throws of packing, have a sick cat on my hand and its frigging raining again. All those niceties I wrote about last week are out the window today...I have to leave this beaureaucratic/inept nightmare for a while. I have officially snapped. Perhaps now would be a good time to go to the grocery store and have a moment with the cashier Nazi?!

However, I am, by nature, a law abiding citizen and will do my best to do the right thing. I have contacted a friend who will, one last time, ask FastWeb for an address to mail the modem back. I will NOT traipse all over Venice again to bogus stores. Either I mail it to them or I call my credit card and tell them not to accept charges anylonger from this @#$%^& company! But for now, I need to go take an Advil to get rid of this headache! :-)

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Gil said...

Your health and sanity is too valuable to you than to risk it over fastweb! If I were you I'd be calling the credit card company. You will probably find out that they don't really want a used modem.

Good luck!