Monday, April 7, 2008

Off to Capri

OK..not much of a blog today other than to tell you I am leaving for Capri and will be back to chat with you on Friday. Of course, this all depends on whether Alitalia is still flying (as they are in heaps of trouble over here and I read about the three airlines going under in the US last week). And it also depends on whether or not I can make my flight in the first place...the airline changed my return flight and I have a very short window of time to get from Capri to the ferry and from the ferry to the airport at O dark thirty in the morning on Friday!

However, I will be indulging in limoncello, shopping for those elusive glasses to put my limoncello in (so I can stop drinking from the bottle like a wino! haha) and viewing the sights from the island. So, all in all, worse things can happen than getting stuck in Capri, no?

Back soon........

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