Saturday, April 26, 2008


Do you remember that George Carlin skit about how much 'stuff' we have? Its the one about all we do as humans is collect stuff and move it around--and then we buy containers to put our stuff in (containers like a house and car). Its an old routine of his, but I was struck with my memories of this skit as I attempt to pack for the third time already. I thought I was done but Delta changed their policy again and I cant take a carryon because they consider the cat a carryon! Nice policy since I have to pay for the cat--doesnt make any sense to me but under the current airline circumstances, I dont think it is possible to make sense of any of those fees.

Now, as I remember, I think I packed and repacked three times to come over here (shoes were the big issue back then). So, this shouldnt be a surprise that I would have to do it on the way home. But the real surprise is how come the 'stuff' that fit on the way over isnt fitting on the way back?

Here's the math....I came with 4 suitcases, a laptop and a cat. Some people brought over winter stuff which amounted to another suitcase basically. Over the course of the year, I did purchase a few things and then I went shopping recently to buy some souviners and gifts which amounts to another suitcase. I sent a suitcase home in Feb with a friend and one home last week with my friend. So why am left with 5 suitcases to fill here along with the laptop and the cat instead of the 4 I started with? The math makes sense but the 'stuff' doesnt fit!

I am travelling alone on the way back so we have to add in the challenge of me maneuvering all this 'stuff' by myself through customs in Atlanta as well as what an incredible amount of money its going to cost for all this 'stuff'. Of course, the price for everything has increased since I came over and at last count, we are looking at about $600 for my 'stuff' (plus the cat!). And, unfortunately, even with my math degree, I cant seem to make a difference with that number

So, back to packing my 'stuff'. My mother has given me a mantra to enable me to accomplish what is hopefully the last packing round--'let it go'! This is easier said than done but I have been practicing saying it over and over. My mantra, at the end of round three is going to be 'it is what it is'! And that leaves me to wonder if I truly got that lesson this year about being able to live on less?! :-)

Just for is the link to the George Carlin skit on YouTube.

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