Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Final List

Well, here we are...that last of my musings and ponderings of the two places I live. Today, I would like to share the things that I am looking forward to about being back in Phoenix.

1. Being warm! I think I did really well for an AZ girl in this weather. It was a very long fall, winter, spring with marble floors, fog, rain and general gloominess. I cant wait to feel the 100 degrees and constant sunshine beating on my skin again!

2. Knowing where to go and who to talk to in order to get something done. One of my biggest frustrations was knowing how to do things in this country (and trust me, they dont make it easy on you). I found that just finding the right office or person to talk to was just a big a hurdle as actually trying to explain what I want in Italian! And throw in closures during siesta time and all day Sunday just for good measure. I am looking forward to the comfort of knowing the ins and outs of business and government in the US.

3. My couch (I still miss that thing! Best investment I ever made), a garbage disposal, grapes without seeds and whatever else I put on my list way back at the beginning of this year!

4. A good pedicure, eyebrow wax and massage. Yes, I am a girl and I miss my treatments. Right after the haircut, you will find me getting all three of those things within the same afternoon. :-)

5. And, obviously, my family and friends. Its been a long year of emails, skype and plane trips for them to see glimpses of me but it will be nice to be in the same city again.

I imagine there are other things that I could add to this list as well--those would probably be some of modern conveniences that makes America what it is. But I have grown accustomed to being without them, so I guess it will just make it all that much nicer when I get home.

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Heather said...

at least soem of your friends will be in the same city when you get back :-) Iowa is warm in the summer too!