Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tick Tock

Well, with under a week to go, I have managed to accomplish two things on the 'to-do' list that I never got around to this year. Of course, thats a really poor excuse. How can a person who is unemployed for a whole year not get around to doing something?! Lets just say, the opportunity and the brain were not functioning at the same time until today.

First, I managed to finally come across a certain bridge I wanted to see. With 409 in the city, its not always easy to find just one. But I had heard about the name of this bridge, thought it was funny and felt the need to see it in person. Its called Ponte de le Tette or in english, Bridge of the Boobs! What a great name for a bridge. If those steps could talk, huh? I sure wish I knew why it got that name (something to do with being periously close to the old 'red light' district of ancient days past I am sure). Or better yet, I wish I would have found it earlier in the year and I could have given someone directions....can you see it--go to the Bridge of the Boobs and take a left....... :-)

Second, I finally found number 5 on my top 5 list of favorite churches in the city. There are about 100 so its no small accomplishment to see them all and make a top talent list. I was actually surprised that I couldnt find more than 5 to be honest and had a feeling that the Greek Orthodox church was going to be it. And I was right. I managed to be in the area, remember that I wanted to go there and was lucky enough it was open all at the same time! Its a very small church and pretty non descript from the outside, but in traditional Greek Orthodox flair, the inside is brilliant gold and very serene. Of course, pics were not allowed but I took the opportunity to get some rogue shots when no one was looking!

Quite a successful day all in all. I could come up with things to see and do forever in this city but I am quite pleased about todays events. Check and check. Now, if I could just be that lucky with the suitcases.....

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